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Writer/Director Statement:

The Other F Word Series

In her best selling book Passages, Gail Sheehy wrote about how women live life in chapters.  I was approaching fifty; my children were coming of age, and realized that I was about to enter that dreaded next chapter of life.  It was as thrilling as it was depressing. I celebrated the last 40 days of my 40s in my own Eat, Pray Lovemanner. I actively strived to make each day special and connected with as many meaningful people from my past.  I then adopted a “no fear, no regrets” attitude to enter my life’s next stage.  


It was bittersweet that my children were now grown, and felt a huge void, but it was also finally ME time.  I was ready for new adventures.  However like the young women on "Girls," who are struggling to find themselves, I was as confused as they were by the existential 'Who am I?' and the 'Now What?' of mid-life.


I learned I was not alone. Many of my friends were also grappling with this, and discovered many websites, magazines and blogs write about mid-life and the associated dramatic changes - good, bad and ugly. It was clear we have a lot to talk about and that our story is very different than previous generations.




I also realized that while there have been shows about women friends during most of the other stages of life, there was no episodic show that depicted this experience.  The pilot script I wrote received validating feedback from many television executives, but was told it was a tough sell.  I was encouraged to persevere, and figure out a way because a show like this should be on the air.


Sadly, the major road block I encountered - and learned that my print colleagues who market to this audience do as well – was that while 45+ aged women control most of the wealth and make most major buying decisions, advertisers do not care about this demographic.


We are invisible. One television producer audaciously told me my show was too hard a sell as it was too similar to a show about two women friends in their mid 70’s inferring that it was the token ‘old lady’ show. 50 is the new 75.


But, we must and can persevere – no fear no regrets.  I realized like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” I had the power all the time, and that the best way to get this show to its (under-

served) audience, and to tell it honestly, was to produce it independently and then partner with the mid-life websites and digital magazines that are already connecting with this audience in print narrative form.


Over the next few months we will produce eight short-form episodes – the pilot is done - that will be launched this April at the Bloggers at Mid-Life Conference in Las Vegas. (




Dorothy could not do it alone, and am very fortunate and honored to have assembled an incredible team of producers, crew and talent who are smart, don’t take themselves too seriously, and are like minded yet each bring their own very special talents and want to join me on this exciting adventure.


But we need even more help --- YOURS --- to spread the word about our show and your belief in its prospects for entertainment success. If people like you enjoy it and share it with your friends, we can let Hollywood know that we are still relevant; that we do watch digital content and that we are out there in forces of millions.


Please visit our fan page for updates (, like it or share it with your friends, and reach out if you would like to be involved with the project.


Partnership, sponsorship and Investment opportunities are available.


No fear, No Regrets

Caytha Jentis

Writer, The Other F Word

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