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Logline: After dropping off their last kid to college, Amy's husband impulsively quits his job, joins the Peace Corps., and leaves her shell-shocked and alone for a year.  A once content suburban stay-at-home mom, Amy moves into New York City to live with her older single sister, Diane, and with her two best friends by her side, embarks on a wry comedic coming-of-age journey.
Cast includes: Steve Guttenberg (Ballers, Police Academy) Judy Gold (I'm Dying Up Here, Jim Gaffigan Show) Reiko Aylesworth (Navy Seals, 24) Michael Boatman (The Good Fight, The Good Wife), Ben Bailey (Cash Cab) Gilbert Gottfried (Episodes, Alladin) Nancy Giles (China Beach, CBS Correspondent) Henriette Mantel (Brady Bunch Movie) & Alysia Reiner (Better Days, Orange is the New Black)

Amazon Video Direct Star October, November, December & January 

""This binge-worthy show about how REAL WOMEN react when life throws them a curveball is the best thing to hit Amazon since Prime. This heartfelt and funny series about love, loss and friendship draws you in and makes you want to see the rest of their journey with every bump along the way." 
Heather Brooker, Motherhood in Hollywood

What They're Sayin'

"The bite-sized episodes are tightly written. There is no filler or fluff. Nothing is wasted. Each shot reveals something, each word of dialogue moves the story forward. It is discomfiting and hilarious." Kelly-Jane Cotter, Gannett Newspapers (New Jersey) 

"I heard my Mom cracking up, I mean laughing so hard she was wiping tears from her eyes and gasping for breath. I tuned in, and I started laughing, too..... I had an epiphany. For as many changes that were happening in my life, there were changes happening in hers”.  Ally Del Monte Huffington Post

"The Other F Word – Freaking Fabulous" So Many Shows, So Little Time.

“Do yourself a favor tonight, grab a glass of wine and download  ‘The Other F-word’. You’ll laugh and cry with recognition in this celebration of the crazy world of mid-life women struggling to make sense of their changing world, bodies, and positions in the world. The words are hilariously warm and witty; but you know these women. They are you and me: it’s the new ‘Friends’ for midlifers.”—Lesley Jane Seymour, former Editor in Chief of More; founder of

"Oh, my goodness, one of my favorite shows is BACK- The Other F Word!.... With all the YOUNG shows on TV these days, being able to watch a show I can relate to is so appealing, even my friend who is in her 30’s loves this show too."

"I totally binge watched both seasons. It was so amazing. I pondered. I laughed. I cried. I even peed my pants a is expected from a Mid-lifer with limited bladder control! The show definitely makes all the craziness of these Midlife years seem... well... normal. And that is a fabulous feeling. How fantastic that Caytha creates that feeling of normalcy just by inviting us in to the lives of these characters?!" Shelbee on the Edge (New York)


The Other F Word is at the fingertips of moms who are struggling with an empty nest, and need a character driven show to get hooked on.” Toni Lyn Spaziano, Huff Post (Los Angeles, CA)

"Why are all of the shows about moms with little kids? I can’t relate to that at this point in my life, but I can relate to problems of other women who are going through life after their kids have grown up. It’s a different world now." Ellen, In Our Spare Time 

"Oh, how I can relate to the women in the hilarious new series The Other F Word."Tarra Salinas, Trippin With Tara, (Central Florida)


“Watching The Other F Word is like sitting down with your best friend for a heart to heart about what really matters.” Kelly, Kelly’s Thoughts on Things, (South Carolina)

"Caytha Jentis had me hooked from the very first scene" Amy Koko, ExWife, New Life (FL)

“I found myself laughing out loud. The women are smart, funny and totally relatable.” Rebecca Bryant, Everyday Lifes, (Gainesville, Florida)


“New Series – The Other F Word – Is Basically Genius…” Renee Kemper, That’s Just Life (Arkansas)


“This series is real…. combines “fun” and “fear” (as in, overcoming it), “friendship,” and “fur” (there’s a dog …. he’s really cute and plays a pivotal role!).” Paula Kiger, Big Green Pen Blog (Talahasee, Florida)


“The Other F Word, is a comedic inspiration to all women, and especially women over 40.” Samantha, Have Sippy Will Travel (Tri-State NY)


“New Series The Other F Word is Brilliantly Written.” Debbie Bookstaber, Momanista (Philly, PA)


The Other F Word is a can’t miss series!”   Ciaran Bloomenfeld, Momfluential (Southern California)

“The Other ‘F’ Word” is funny, quirky and all too familiar. I love the cast, and really get caught up in their shenanigans." Jennifer, Eighty MPH Mom,  (Pacific Northwest)


"The Other F Word” doesn’t include “Girls” in the title— thank God! These are modern, midlife women struggling with a society-induced identity crisis while venturing out to find their true selves. Thea Wood, She Sparks (Austin, Texas)


I think that “The Other F Word” is going to be the forty-five mid-life women crowd like “The Guild” is to the gaming community.” Tammy Litke, Three Different Directions (Dallas, TX)


“Despite the four women going through major, stressful life changes, I loved that they handled the changes with humor (and maybe a glass of wine.)” Anne J Parris, Midlife Blvd, (Virginia)


“I’m loving The Other F Word” Jennifer Evers, Me, Myself & Jen (Chicago, IL)

“For the first time in years I’ve been held captive by a show….“The Other F Word” was able to make me shake my head in disbelief, look deeper at my own life and seriously made me giggle all in a matter of minutes.”  Debbie Tom, Oahu, Hawaii

"If you’re a woman over 40, or you just love a good comedy, you need to check out “The Other F Word,” Teresa, Moms Who Save

"One of my favorite scenes in the entire series revolves around “Bring Your Parent to Work Day.”  It’s hysterical watching the 20-somethings try to explain their jobs in social media to their Gen-Xer parents!" Heather Kemp, Twiddling My Thumbs, Colorado

 "I was completely hooked. Call it what you will: midlife on steroids, or just living in mid-life, someone (Caytha) finally "gets" how we live, what we live through/with, and how we must cope with a changing society, our ever-changing societal mores and our (very) changing bodies (hormones) and minds" Cyma Shapiro,

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